Beaver Racing would like to thank all our sponsors for supporting us this season in which we finished

2017 Gorman, California Event Place
Overall  8th
Overall Dynamic 3rd
Business Presentation 5th
Design Presentation 9th

Hill Climb

Suspension & Traction 4th
Maneuverability 25th
Acceleration 23rd
Endurance 22nd


2017 Peoria, Illinois Event Place
Overall 2nd
Business Presentation 2nd
Design Presentation 5th

Hill Climb

Rock Crawl 26th
Maneuverability 4th
Acceleration 33rd
Endurance 4th


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Shop work days are on Saturdays in Rogers 132 from 9am to "Work IS DONE" all school year and Tuesdays/Thursdays in Rogers 132 during Winter and Spring term.


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