2019-2020 Baja Team

For the 2019-2020 season, team meetings are held at 7:00pm Wednesday night on Zoom (contact us for more info).


                           Above: Part of our 2019 team at the Cookeville, Tennessee competition

2021 Team

Drivetrain Chassis & Driver Control CVT Suspension
Blake Coomes Hunter Rust Tanner Asher Luis Yanez-Romero
Chengda Li

Dominic Mikalson

Nicholas Wilson Sheldon Lim
Bryce Kinney Thomas Sangillo Gerardo Zavalsa Taichi Terakawa
Richard Schurter   Samuel Hanson-Richter Kevin Dang
    Nathaniel Garcia Kingsley Kwan
Fallon Peters      
General Members
Avery Echenrode Myla Garlitz Gordon Kitchener Allyson Stansell
Charlie O'Brien Sheldon Lim Josh Collins Henry Gillepsie