2019-2020 Baja Team

For the 2021-2022 season, team meetings are held at 7:00pm Wednesday night in Rogers 226 and on Zoom (contact us for more info).

                           Above: Part of our 2021 team at the Arizona competition

2022 Team

Team Leads

Team Captain: Tanner Asher

Co-Captain: Dominic Mikalson

Drivetrain Chassis  CVT Suspension Management
Josh Colins Jacob Knight Nathaniel Garcia Garrett Sather Kirsten Dixon
Ian Tank


Henry Gillespie Drew Hoefer  
Kevin Terhorst    Devin Long Josh Kukas  
Jeremy Stanfield   Isaac Salchenberg Ethan Alloway  
Colin Knechtel   Chris Tento Jonathan Martinez  
Kyle Mathews     Matt   
      Kieran Sandven  
General Members
Dexter Clifton Caleb Sprengeler Isaac Albreidinger Chris McGuire Colin Ambrose