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Team Roster

2017 Baja Team

The 2017 team, led by Haley Demmin, plans to complete the total vehicle build by March 12th, 2017 in order to allow time for testing and tuning before the first of a series of two competitions starting on April 27th, 2016 in Gorman, California. For the 2017 season, team meetings are held at 6:00pm Wednesday night in Dearborn Hall Room 118.


                           Above: Part of our 2016 team at the Gorman, California competition

OUR Current Team


Supply Chain  

Haley Demmin  

Conor Griffin 

  Zachary Harris
Dylan Ross        Nathan Leendertse
     Data Aquisition   Joel Swift
Testing    David Mitchell    Zak Olson
Elliot Smith        Anothony Farr
 Seth Oberst   Chassis     Erich Christian
    Eric Munts    
     Driver Interface    
Transaxle   Chris Jones    Suspension

Blake Lambert

  Shuo Shan    Zoe Fridge
Viktor Dikov       Harrisen Bradfield
Caleb Schmidt   Competition Logistics    Daniel Blan-Gonnet
    Sarai Newbold     
Other Members    
Peter Beck   Caitlin Ditullio   Grant Prins  
 Tyler Wilkes   Tyler Farmer   Avery Echearode 
Ben Balden   John Young   Andrew Otto
Sheldon Lim    Zachary Terrell   Daniel Morway